Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST)

A form of massage, using light touch over the cranium and sacrum.
CST is both physical and energetic medicine.

Physical Relief

CST affects the bones which make up the skull (temporal, frontal, occipital, etc), their associated musculature, the fascia or connective tissue, central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), circulatory system, and lymphatic system.

Movement of the these structures is related to the filling and emptying of cerebrospinal fluid, but may be directed by the patterns of your body, and more specifically the way your body chooses to move to release tension and self-correct.

The goal of CST is to re-establish patterns of harmony, thus providing a free flow of Qi and Blood into deprived areas.

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Stress Relief
CST allows your body to enter a parasympathetic state (versus sympathetic), which is known as “rest & digest.”

Remember the time you were on a beach laying on the sand and you felt your body enter a state of relaxation you forgot was possible? Healing happens here.

My body communicates with your body. We’ll find your body moving on its own without very much guidance to release tension and patterns that no longer serve.

Emotions are stored in tissues. CST allows us to process these emotions.


Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries & Concussions
CST works directly with the brain and fluid surrounding the brain.

Patterns of injury are addressed by releasing blockages and fascial adhesions, and increasing blood and lymph circulation.

CST has been shown to improve memory function, balance, and elevate mood.