There are two types of Visits:

  1. Holistic Visit

  2. Acupuncture and/or Therapeutic Bodywork

What is the difference?

  1. If you choose holistic visit, we will cover almost every aspect of your life looking for patterns, removing obstacles, learning, etc. This is like having a second doctor on board who looks at things differently than your conventional 6-minute visit doctor.

  2. If you choose acupuncture/bodywork, the focus will be hands-on treatment. This is considering you already have a Naturopathic or functional medicine doctor and/or you’re not interested in extensive care.


Locations: Please inquire for expanded availability as I offer visits at your home and at The Perlene.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: If you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident recently and are looking for care, I can help. Open a claim and submit a PIP (personal injury protection) application with the car insurance company. I will need to verify the claim is open before rendering services. Please provide me with your insurance company name, claim #, adjuster's name and contact information. If you seek massage services, a referral from your doctor is necessary.
Events: I am available for off-site events, business, and corporate on-campus wellness. Please inquire for rates.


*If you get stuck scrolling on your phone while looking at appointments, try scrolling up or down by placing your finger either outside of the scheduler or inside.
*Sliding Scale offered for low-income folks or students.