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Yes, you are a special snowflake.

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The Principles of Natural Medicine

The Healing Power of Nature
Treat the Whole Person
First Do No Harm
Identify And Treat the Cause
Prevention Is The Best Cure
Doctor As Teacher


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Chinese medicine is more than acupuncture and herbs. It’s holistic! A whole body approach to healing.

Diagnosis is pattern-based. I assess the pulse and tongue and ask various seemingly odd questions.


Sometimes, we opt for non-insertive techniques using a Teishin or Acupressure.



A cotton ball is lit on fire and placed into a glass cup to create suction. The cup is then placed most commonly on the back. The cups can be slid across the back with the use of an oil or salve. Cupping releases external invasions (common cold) and relieves muscle tension. Cupping feels similar to a massage. It will leave marks!


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Cranial Sacral

Gentle, light touch, working directly with the central nervous system by releasing restrictions in the body allowing for smooth flow throughout the rest of the body.

I work keeping your channels in mind… the flow of Qi.

This creates an environment for self-correction, balance, homeostasis, and healing. Cranial Sacral therapy (CST) is a modality I hold true to my heart because it’s the closest thing to magic I have ever experienced.


Visceral Manipulation

Gentle hands on the abdomen working directly with the organs (viscera).

Visceral manipulation releases adhesions and patterns of tension allowing for healthy dynamic movement, increasing blood and Qi circulation and thus communication between the central nervous system and the organs.

Other therapies include: homeopathy, hydrotherapy, nutrition, supplements, and more..


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