Holistic Pre- and Post-Operative Care: What Your Surgeon Should Tell You, But Won't!

Join me August 29th, 2019 at 6:30pm at The Perlene in SE PDX. Learn valuable ways to take charge of your health during a most vulnerable time that will optimize your healing potential! We will talk PAIN, NUTRITION, and SCARS. My goal is to empower others through education and awareness. I am a holistic medicine practitioner, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and naturopathic doctoral candidate.

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Practice is Open!

Hi community!

The practice officially opened April 6, 2019!

It was a very successful day full of treatments and love. It was also my birthday, so we celebrated in Palomar, the restaurant below my practice space.

The SolTerra building is so beautiful. The Somatic Center is even more easy on the eyes, located on the third floor. I am sharing a room with Dr. Amy Johnson of Blue House Holistic Health. The room is themed blue with a large painting of Mount Hood. Majestic.

I am open for 12 hours a week, usually on Friday and Saturday mornings, but sometimes a full Saturday. My goal is to be full for those 12 hours! Send prayers, wishes, and pixie dust to my new practice please! I’d love to serve the community!

Love & Light,


Opening my practice soon! April 6!

I am looking forward to serving the Portland, Oregon community.

After many years of education, I feel ready to offer my services. I offer a brief explanation of what I do below.


I am a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in Oregon. I studied Chinese medicine at the National University of Natural Medicine as well as naturopathic medicine. I plan to expand my practice in the future to include naturopathic medicine.

What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine not only includes acupuncture, but also other therapies; such as, shiatsu, qigong, tuina, shen-hammer pulse diagnosis, moxibustion, cupping, herbal medicine, supplementation, dietary advice, and exercises. It is not important for you to know what this means, just that I can do more than simply acupuncture.

Are you afraid of needles?

The needles are very small and sometimes you can’t feel a thing! (Sometimes feeling something even if it’s pain, is the point). We can start with very few needles or none at all! I can use a teishin or my hands to achieve a similar effect. Please communicate your feelings surrounding the process.

Let’s keep in touch!