At four years old, I had open heart surgery. Years later I’ve had four more surgeries on my foot, clavicle, nose...

I’ve always felt lethargic, like I was always on the verge of getting sick.

For this reason, I identify with the archetype, The Wounded Healer. After hitting barriers to healing while navigating the western medical system only to be faced with surgery after surgery, I was fed up.

Through my studies in Chinese philosophy and religion, I was introduced to Chinese and Naturopathic medicine. Since then, I had the honor to learn from mentors and masters in the art of medicine. This was also a time of tremendous challenges and healing. I am honestly astounded by the ignorance due to lack of education surrounding healthcare, our bodies, the environment… the list goes on. I’m on this earth to make connections, the big and small, that might just be the key to unlocking your healing potential.


Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
Masters in Acupuncture
Bachelor’s in Japanese Language
Minor in Philosophy & Religion (focus Buddhism)

Continuing Education

Qigong Tuina & Advanced Qigong Tuina, Mokuti Medical Arts, Stephen Schleipfer, LAc
NAMI, National Alliance on Mental Illness, Provider Education
Empress Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture, Dr. Guangying Zhou
Integrated Visceral Techniques l, Moving Mountain Institute, Michael McMahon, LAc, LMT
Cranial Sacral l & ll, Moving Mountain Institute, Michael McMahon, LAc, LMT
Myofascial Release l, Moving Mountain Institute, Michael McMahon, LAc, LMT
Shen-Hammer Pulse Intro, Brandt Stickley, LAc & Gwen LoVetere, LAc
Shen-Hammer Pulse Weekly Skills Review Class, Stephen Higgins, LAc, Yedidya Tabanpour and Melinda Wheeler


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